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The Metro App


THE METRO APPThis app provides real-time metro train arrivals, alerts, advisories, station information, metro news, bike share stations near metro stations, and much more. All data for Metro train arrivals is received directly from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) API.
Metro operates in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
** No bus information is provided at this time. If the app receives enough support and interest a bus information section will be added.
*** Please note that Metro train arrival times, advisories, alerts, and most of the stations information is obtained from the WMATA API. We have no control over this data, the app just reads the data and displays it.
ADVISORIES-View the latest advisories from Metro for future repairs or updates on current repairs.
BIKES ON METRO-Get information about transporting your bike on Metro.
FARES-Get important information about fares for kids, seniors, and people with disabilities.
METRO NEWS-View the latest news articles from Metro.
NEAREST METRO STATION-Find the nearest metro station based on your location (Up to 10 miles). If GPS signal is unavailable, the default location is Metro Center.-To view all stations in the metro system click on the metro icon.
PARKING-Information about hourly parking, daily parking, and reserved parking at all Metro stations.
RULES-Contains a list of do's and don'ts when entering the a metro station or riding the train.
SEVERE WEATHER-Provides users with basic information about what to expect when severe weather affects the area,winter travel tips, and a list of regional eAlerts websites.
SMARTRIP-Contains basic information about how to obtain and use a Smatrip card.
STATION DIRECTORYA complete list of all metro stations. Each station on the list contains a link to its individual page.Each individual page contains the following information about the station:
-Station Information: Contains the address of the station and the lines that serve that station. The address links to Google Maps to get estimated travel time form your current location to the station address.-Calculate Fare: Lists the distance, time, fare price for one-way and round trip (Peak, Off-peak, seniors/handicapp).-Escalator Incidents: Lists escalator incidents.-Elevator Incidents: Lists elevator incidents.-Parking: Lists parking information (if parking is available at station).-Bicycles: Lists bicycle information (if bicycle racks and/or lockers are available).-Car Sharing: Notifies user if car sharing is available.-Capital Bikeshare: Click the icon to see the nearest bikeshare station. You can choose the distance from 0.25 mi - 2 mi. If a bikeshare station is not located within 2 miles the icon will be disabled.
CAPITAL BIKESHARE PAGE-Lists capital bikeshare stations within 2 miles from the station. The default value is 0.5 mi, however you can choose from 0.25mi - 2 mi.-To have a quick view of all the bikeshare locations you can click on the map icon.
ALERTS-Shows metro system alerts.
FAVORITES-Shows user's favorite station(s).
METRO RAIL MAP-This map allows you to view all the metro stations in the system (available off-line)
SMARTRIP BALANCE-Opens an external browser page for the user to be able to login into their Smartrip account.
CONTACTS-Contains a list of the most important metro contacts.